Our Disposal Process

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The facility is licensed and approved by the ADEQ (Arizona Department of Environmental Quality) to insure the safe handling, transport and processing of bio-hazardous medical waste.

Our autoclave process heats medical waste to 295 degrees at a pressure of 50 pounds per square inch to ensure that all infectious pathogens are destroyed.

ADEQ (Arizona Department of Environmental Quality) conducts regular site inspections to review the facility and the autoclave process to ensure the Sterilization Process. The strict compliance standards that have been maintained at the facility have resulted in zero ADEQ violations. Here’s how our Medical Waste Process works:

  1. A certified driver collects medical waste at your facility
  2. Medical waste is securely stored on our truck for transport
  3. At the end of the route all waste is brought back to the processing plant
  4. Materials are placed in the autoclave, where a process of heat, pressure and steam sterilize the medical waste
  5. Sterilized medical waste is then delivered to a California Environmental Protection Agency Facility
  6. All reusable containers are then sanitized and ready for reuse